About BCGT Connect 

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Everyone Communicates but Extreme Leaders Connect.  The Value of Connecting is priceless - the Human Connection - the key to personal and career success.  We are a Team of High Effective Leadership Trainers, Consultants, Coaches  & Mentors.  We train, teach, coach, mentor and implement how to break through your blocks, close deals faster, build long lasting relationships quicker, attract your ideal client through Highly Effective Marketing and how to build an Extreme Leadership Culture in your community, workplace, or organization.

Licensed and Certified Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators in Extreme Leadership™,  BANK™ Methodology & AI and R.A.P.I.D. Results™ Coaching.  These 3 cutting edge training methodology are teh foundation every successful business in the new current world we are now living in.  Everything has changed and Relationships, Communication, EQ and the ability to connect is now a dealbreaker for you!  If you aren't upskilling your team or yourself, you are missing out on the 'edge'​ that is required to succeed.  We have the only training systems you need to ensure your staff understand and represent you and your Brand in the way you want them to.

If you are struggling to reach your target audience, family members, patients, customers, staff, management, potential clients, team members ...   BCGT Connect is for YOU!

Meet our Award Winning Leadership Team

Christine Thorpe
Founder, Principal and Lead Trainer

I'm proud to have been awarded Codebreaker Tech's ACTION ICON for 2021. 


As the Leading Australian Licensed Trainer, Coach and Mentor, I'm inspired by the people I work with.  They are committed to make impactful change in their lives. 

I have been a Licensed and Certified Coach/Trainer with leading International Tech and Training Companies for 10+ years.  After 15+ years in Management in Corporate Australia,

UK, USA, I transitioned into Training and Coaching, helping individuals and businesses grow.

My specialty is working with Corporate, Sales, Marketing and Education Professionals in growing their businesses with Highly Effective Leadership Training and B.A.N.K. Foundation Communications Skills.  Using AI is powerful in understanding others and communicating.

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I help small to medium sized businesses and teams dominate their business connection space.  At the same time, your team starts running more smoothly and efficiently.

Why this area? Well, it is a crying shame and a waste of resources to find that over 80% of businesses lose sales and deals because they do not connect with their clients.  Why?  Because over 40% of sales people are not prepared for the sale!


As an engineer and scientist I found this very disturbing. After much research, my team and I trained in a really proven method that is scientifically validated to make a significant difference to your business relationships and your bottom line.


We solve your problems with both public training, zoom live training and in-house 'paid' solutions that are super efficient, very effective and engage your team straight away.


Interested?  Just book a time via the link below & I'll talk to you soon.

Dr David Thorpe, PhD 

Principal and Lead Trainer