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B.A.N.K. Fundamentals
Live Online
Via Zoom Training

Learn Vital Communication and Sales Skills Hands-On

Enjoy learning new and State of the Art, Scientifically Proven techniques with real-life simulations and roleplaying led by our B.A.N.K. Certified Trainers and Experts.

Ongoing Support

Once you have Completed a B.A.N.K. Fundamentals, you become part of our Alumni and enjoy the benefits of our Facebook Group of talented and skilled Professionals.

Learn how to 'Crack' Codes of everyone you meet!

You will learn how to 'Crack' the BANKCODE of your prospects, colleagues, friends and generate more leads and sales than ever, by speaking the right personality code every time.

AI and EQ

Learn how to use our State of the Art Artificial Intelligence in all of your communications modalities:  email, text, social media, marketing materials. 

Learn how to be a Highly Effective Communication Connector

You will learn in this Fundamentals Training course the Ultimate Communication Skills that you can easily apply fast to Supercharge your Sales, Marketing and Communication Skills!


EQ is now proven to be more valuable to companies than IQ.  This course will raise your EQ and allow growth in all areas of your life.

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